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Following are the terms, conditions, restrictions and definitions for our pricing:Residential_customer_testimonials_bubbles

  • The residential price is offered to only single family home owners. They are classified as residential customers for the purpose of our pricing.
  • All customers that do not qualify as residential  customers are eligible for commercial price for the purpose of our pricing.request a quote
  • The pricing is valid for all quotes issued today. Quoted rate is valid for 15 days for the quoted address. Request a quote for your home today.
  • The area for the purpose of pricing is not the actual ground area. It is the sum of area of the smallest piece of rectangular artificial grass piece required to cover each area individually with 1 ft over the edges on all 4 sides.The smallest rectangular artificial grass piece required to cover each area is calculated by (maximum length +2 ft) multiplied by (maximum width +2 ft ) = required artificial grass for that area.  Thus the area of the grass area in the picture will be 37 ft x 25 ft = 925 Sq .ft
  • Price includes the soil compaction and minor contouring of the installed surface to avoid disposal of soil. Any alteration to the surface requested by customers is not included in the base price.
  • If home owner chooses to maintain the exact original contour, we will be happy to make it so within this price but any soil disposal will not be included.
  • Each individual area must be minimum  of 12 ft in length and 6 ft width and must be at least 200 sq ft.
  • The minimum installed area must be 300 sq ft per household.
  • You can only have 1 tree or non grass patch island per 150 sq ft of an artificial grass area. For example, if you have artificial grass area of 500 sq ft, you cannot have more than 3 trees within the area surrounded by the artificial grass. sample_curbs
  • All artificial boundaries including no grass islands must have hard boundaries like concrete, pavers or concrete edger.269
  • Home owners must call 811 to mark all utilities on the property, 7 days prior to start of our install. Upon request, we can also make this call on your behalf.
  • Home owners must ensure all wiring and irrigation under the grass area is removed.
  • There should not be any utility or irrigation installed within 8 inches of the current artificial grass area. We are not responsible for any damage due to tilling or compacting of up to 8 inches below the current grade level.imgres
  • Home owners must disconnect all sprinklers from the valves and cap them prior to the start of  installation. We can do it as a courtesy but at owner’s risk and that we would not be responsible for any consequential damage. Home owners do not have to remove any sprinkler heads of the sprinkler lines on the grass area .images
  • The home owner might need to get HOA approvals prior to the grass installation on front yard or backyard. The owner of the house will be solely responsible for getting approvals from HOA.
  • Each artificial grass area must be flat and graded for proper drainage.
  • The path to each grass area must have minimum of 36″ wide, hard surface area like concrete or paved .imgres
  • We must have access for our use during installation to water hose with running water within 100 ft of each grass area.outside-tap
  • We must have access for our use during installation of  GFI protected 15 amp  electric circuit within 100 ft of each grass area.gfi-electrical-plug_FF_Model_ID11622_1_GFIPlug
  • Price does not include any taxes. Customers will need to pay applicable taxes over and above the base price. Tax is applied on complete cost of goods and services.
  • We do not accept cash as mode of payment.imgres
  • All forms of checks are acceptable. There will be $35 charge for NSF checks.PERSONAL
  • In the event your (the home owner’s) account is past due, we will turn the delinquent account over to Collections agency and you will be responsible for collection fees.
  • We do accept all credit cards with additional 3% credit card processing fee. CARDS
  • The full invoice amount must be paid in full within 8 days of completion of installation regardless of any installation issues which will be fixed under warranty or else the warranty certificate will not be issued.
  • If extruded (poured concrete) or any new curbing is being installed prior to installation please check with the installation company as to when the concrete is fully cured and hardened, so that work with heavy equipment and hand tools can be performed. We suggest waiting this length of time between the installation of the curbing and the installation of grass to avoid unnecessary damages. Very small chips and scrapes are rare but are normal during an installation, but installing prior to concrete curing increases the severity and frequency in which this kind of damage can occur. If you choose to have the installation done prior to the curing process being completed please let the installation team know and they will do their best to avoid any chips and scrapes but we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur at any part of the installation process.
  • The initial payment is non-refundable and GrassPal may at its discretion (depending on circumstances) apply that payment towards future job for the same homeowner.